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    With our selected team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and experts, The Egyptian IVF Center accommodates
    over 120 specialists, all working hand-in-hand to making families grow.

    Why is the Egyptian Center for IVF is the number 1 in Egypt?


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    About Us

    Founded in the year 1986, the Egyptian IVF-ET Center was the first ever medical facility offering infertility treatment in Egypt. Putting a smile on the faces of thousands of couples over the past three decades. The center is a modern facility located in the lovely district of Maadi, within reach from almost anywhere in EGYPT. Our staff is comprised of experts in the field of in vitro fertilization, supported by a well trained team of over 120 members working together to ensure delivering the best possible quality to our patients. Not only do we offer medical services to our patients, but we act as consultants in sharing the expertise we have with those eager to know more. In our quest for delivering the best service for our patients, we adopted quality assurance policies within our organization and we obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 and we are the first (and so far the only) IVF center in Egypt to obtain the ISO in scientific research in our field.


    Success Rates

    In general, the chances of IVF/ICSI success are directly related to the age of the female partner. Efficient treatment has an almost 50% chance of pregnancy with females aged 35 or less. Between ages 35 and 39 chances of success drop to approximately 35-40%; while at the age of 40 chances of pregnancy drop to 20% and at 43 years to 5%.