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Prof. Dr. Mona Aboulghar’s discussion in (Role Of Progesterone From Implantation Till Birth) Webinar.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi while honoring Dr. Gamal Abu El Sorour for winning the Nile Prize for Science and Dr. Ragaa Mansour for winning the State Prize for Medical Science.

Consultants of The Egyptian IVF Center have attended the conference of The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (eshre) which is the biggest conference in the field of infertility and which was held in Vienna from the 23rd to the 26th of June.

Congratulating Dr. Gamal Abu Al-Sorour after receiving the Nile Prize for Science as well as congratulating Dr. Raja Mansour after winning the State Prize for Medical Science.

We’ve celebrated our 33rd anniversary with a scientific conference in Hurghada – Sahl Hasheesh, attended by 150 doctors as well as experts from America, England, Belgium in addition to the doctors of The Egyptian IVF center

Honorable honor for Doctor Mohamed Abou – Elghar after receiving Naguib Mahfouz
Pasha prize, during the twentieth scientific opening session of the Department of
Obstetrics and Gynecology Cairo University.

Dr. Mohamed Abul-Ghar received the Royal British Service of Obstetrics and Gynecology in England. 

The Egyptian IVF center celebrated its thirty-second anniversary by scientific and social meeting at Marriott Mena House pyramid hotel on 8th, 9th March 2018 invited speaker included

Yakoub Khalaf (U.K)
Eric Juaniaux  (U.K)

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travel of some Egyptian Center for IVF team of the United States of America to attend the largest conference For a scientific assistant Fertilization and back the last scientific techniques in this field

It established the Egyptian Center for IVF annual scientific meeting to assemble the fifth Dusit Hotel on 19 and 20 October. The conference attended by more than 130 doctors from collaborators with the Center, colleagues and consultants in the field of IVF.

Members of the Egyptian IVF Centre have traveled to Geneva-Switzerland to attend the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, which is the largest annual meeting conducted regarding IVF, discussing the latest studies and researches conducted in this field.

Members of the Egyptian IVF Centre:

M. A .Aboulghar,M.D.
G .I. Serour, M.D
Ragaa Mansour, M.D.Ph.D.
Ahmed I.Serour, M.D.
M.D. Yahia El-Faissal, M.D.

The Egyptian IVF Center has successfully concluded a medical conference this past 17th of March at InterContinental Cairo Semiramis, inviting some of the most esteemed doctors in the IVF field.

The convention began with an eloquent opening from founders Dr. Mohamed Aboulghar, Dr. Gamal Serour, and Dr. Ragaa Mansour.

The convention commenced starting 1:30 PM until 6:00 PM, and the lectures addressed where as follows:

Dr. Mohamed Aboulghar – Do we have evidence for different procedures used ART.

Dr. Gamal Serour – ART and Myomas.

Dr. Ragaa Mansour – Selecting the most suitable embryos and the day of embryo transfer.

Dr. Ibrahim Fahmy – The clinical value of some recent diagnostic tests for males.

Dr. Mona Aboulghar – How to prepare your patient Ultrasonographically before IVF.

Dr. Ahmed Serour – Patient with recurrent implantation failure – a case study.

To see the videos click on these link:

We have introduced of chromosome screening technique before embryo transfer.We have introduced of chromosome screening technique before embryo transfer.The Egyptian IVF center has recently introduced the very high technology Technique  of complete chromosomal testing , which includes testing the 23 pairs of chromosomes including the X and Y chromosomes .
The Technique includes biopsy of one cell of the embryo on day 3 of ICSI and using the CGH Technique  we examine 22 pairs of ?autosoms in addition to the X and Y chromosomes , the result is ready on day 5 and ET is performed then.
The Technique  would definitely benefit young patients with good prognosis improving their success rate and possibly help patients with repeat implantation failure or older patients.

The Egyptian IVF Center celebrated its thirty years anniversary by organizing a big scientific conference in the city of Luxor, Mr. Mohamed Badr ( the governor of Luxor ) expressed his happiness for choosing Luxor to celebrate this important scientific occasion , Many IVF specialists participated in this conference from Egypt and several countries, led by the pioneers and the founders of the Egyptian IVF Center ( Prof. Mohamed Aboulghar , Prof. Gamal Abulserour , Dr. Ragaa Mansour , Dr. Mona Abulghar , Dr . Ahmed Aboulserour & Dr. Ahmed Hamza the head of Luxor medical syndicate , Embryologists , Gynecologists , and IVF specialists .

The Egyptian IVF center is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its opening next March 2016 in Luxor Egypt. The first Egyptian IVF Center in Egypt: The Egyptian IVF center was inaugurated on 21 March 1986.

We have introduced PGD with HLA typing for Thalssaemia patients (an inherited autosomal recessive blood disorder characterized by abnormal formation of haemoglobin), which means that we can test the embryos prior to transfer. In that way we could select the embryos that are free of thalassemia and compatible with their siblings that are diseased and aiming to perform a bone marrow transplantation from the healthy child after birth to treat the affected sibling. Right now we have successfully applied this technology to several cases of pregnancies.

There is more good news to come. We’ve recently opened a Satellite clinic for the Egyptian IVF center in Heliopolis in July 2014 where patients can undergo their first counseling, follow up visits which include, monitoring blood testing and timing of ovum pick up, as well as blood pregnancy test, first pregnancy ultrasound and antenatal care. However, pick up and embryo transfer is performed at the home center in Maadi.

We are proud to announce that The Egyptian IVF-ET center has now reached the largest number of cycles. During the year 2013 we’ve performed 5160 cycles.