Your Pregnancy Journey, Made Easy with the Egyptian IVF Center

At EIVFC, We pride ourselves on pioneering research and leading the industry with groundbreaking studies published in renowned international journals and conferences. Our globally recognized founders and exceedingly capable consultants ensure that we stay at the forefront of the field, adhering to global standards and incorporating the latest research.

Our Mission

To provide couples with the support and technical expertise to make their dreams of conceiving a child come true.

Our Vision

To continue pioneering reproductive healthcare in Egypt and be recognized for the ethics of our practices and quality of our patient care, and to maintain international standards and success rates.


The Leading Fertility Care Facility in Egypt

  • Pioneers

    Established in 1986, EIVFC is the first medical facility to offer fertility treatment in Egypt and the Middle East. We are the oldest, biggest, and most experienced provider in the Egyptian market.

  • Cutting-edge Science

    We are renowned for our specialized fertility services and ground-breaking research with the highest number of published papers in international journals and conferences. With over 195 scientific research under our belt, EIVFC is always at the leading edge of the industry following global standards, norms, and the latest research.

  • Experienced Team

    Thanks to our internationally renowned founders, boasting a combined 154 years of experience in the field, EIVFC stands as the premier institution for IVF in Egypt. Supported by a team of distinguished specialists and consultants, each excelling in their respective domains, we have established ourselves as leaders in the country's healthcare landscape.

  • Comprehensive Services

    With 14 services available, we are committed to providing personalized, comprehensive, cutting-edge care for every fertility journey.


Our Promise

We understand that every couple’s path to growing their family is a beautifully unique journey. As such, we are committed to providing a personalized and bespoke approach, ensuring that your best interests are at the heart of our care.

We pride ourselves on achieving the highest success rates in Egypt by investing in the best technology, processes, and personnel. We constantly seek the latest reproductive technology and research to yield the best possible outcomes for our patients and help them build their beautiful families.

We wholeheartedly embrace our role as steadfast companions on your fertility journey. Beyond the realm of science, it is our duty and joy to provide unwavering support and guidance until your dream becomes a reality and you can take your first steps into parenthood.

AT EIVFC, we prioritize our patients and deliver exceptional care at a reasonable price. We are dedicated to ensuring the shortest possible path to a healthy pregnancy while minimizing stress along the way. With personalized counselling, we provide realistic expectations based on our results and prepare you for the exciting times ahead.

Our heartfelt goal is to reduce the barriers and provide services that are financially accessible to as wide a range as possible of couples hoping to conceive through IVF. Everyone deserves to build a family and live their dream.

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